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Odell Beckham Jr. gives himself credit for making Josh Norman relevant

Menswear enthusiast and football player Odell Beckham Jr. knows exactly why cornerback Josh Norman signed with Washington in the offseason. He also believes that Norman would be just another player if it hadn’t been for the fracas the two players got James Patrick Jersey into during a Week 15 game between the Giants and Panthers […]

There Are No Great NFL Teams This Year

The opening week of this NFL season featured a record number of close games that provided more than a hint of things to come. Because after Minnesota‚Äôs loss on Sunday to Philadelphia, there are no remaining undefeated teams. For reference, this time last year, there were five undefeated teams. Sharon Katz at ESPN Analytics wrote […]

This divested itself of Bill Simmons, Gregg Easterbrook

Your letters: Say a semi-truck carrying a tanker of gasoline crashed into the First Take set, causing Skip Bayless and A. Smith to both die a slow, fiery, and agonizing death. Would the malaise from the sports media collectively mourning the loss of these toilet people outweigh the relief and of never having to hear […]

Larry Fitzgerald reportedly expects to retire at end of season

Larry Fitzgerald is still at the top of his game, but he’s reportedly set to call it quits. According to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, the star wideout is expecting to retire at the end of the season. With Griffin sidelined, the Browns will turn to Josh McCown to be the new starter in Cleveland, but […]

I gave baseball everything I had as a player

Brown is aware that he is the answer to a trivia question when it comes to the history of League Baseball’s First-Year Player Draft. The question: Who was selected just before Bonds the draft of 1985? The answer: Brown, a catcher out of High School Southern California. Brown doesn’t spend a lot of time Joel […]

who owns and operates a NAPA Auto Parts store Sudbury

SUDBURY, Ontario – At the end of each Cup Finals series, CBC runs a segment which players on the winning team say where Matt Cullen Jersey they’re from and who their favorite player was growing up. While some mentioned Detroit Red legend Steve Yzerman, Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Lemieux or The Great One Wayne Gretzky, Tim […]

the Pistons are plugging a lot of other gaps now

As for Payne, it would be extremely difficult to make a move for him, or anyone like him, until the Pistons get one or both of Jennings and or Meeks back and healthy. Yes, they started the thin at power forward, but now Austin Pettis Jersey are missing what could have been their second-unit backcourt […]